CASPA operates through a collection of therapeutic approaches designed to meet the varied, complex and ever-changing needs of individual children, young people and adults. All interventions are developed upon the basis of individual assessment of need. As part of our commitment to inspire people to thrive, especially in difficult times, we offer a range of programs that can assist clients to improve their quality of life.

Emergency Respite and Youth Work Support
CASPA prides itself in providing high-quality Therapeutic Care Workers (TCWs) and NPSS Support Workers for the purpose of emergency respite or youth work support. With a 24-hour emergency call out and an OnCall assistant team, our staff are supported when working in the community. CASPA staff are provided with training in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention, Trauma and Attachment, Suicide/Self-harm prevention and Intervention and Cultural Awareness. CASPA has a number of homes that can be utilised for the purpose of emergency respite in both Mid and Far North Coast.


Mentoring services
Our mentoring program can be tailored to meet to needs of any individual. Our mentors have a wide range of skills and training ranging from adventure camping to therapeutic groups and activities (please see below). Our highly skilled workers can be available to support young people and their families during weekends, after school or any time that is suitable to the client. Mentoring is aimed at skill building and growth in self-esteem for the participants.


Therapeutic groups

Outdoor Education Group - A two-night therapeutic camp for small groups that draw on holistic and integrative systems of knowledge to engage young people in new ways of coping with stress and trauma. For some young people, it is through the exploration of nature that they come to gently explore the nature of the self. Larger programs are currently being planned in conjunction with Youth Flourish. Groups of young people will be led and guided by adventure therapists with a plethora of experience in working with young people in an active and engaging therapeutic outdoor recreation camp. 

Drumming - Rhythm to Recovery is a social and emotional learning program using Drumming and Percussion as the platform. A simple, engaging and evidence-based program created by Australia’s Simon Faulkner. This program is designed for emotionally complex young people as a series of highly engaging and accessible rhythmic exercises. Childhood trauma experts say that rhythmic patterned exercises like drumming help to return the disorganised brain to a state of homeostasis. Young people love this group program and are supported by trained facilitators and counsellors to connect with peers and make sense of their emotions. The best part? No musical prowess required! Led and supported by Caspa counsellors and group facilitators. Rhythm to Recovery may be a great addition to your youth day or program. 

Photography Workshop - The Photovoice program utilises photography and sound media to explore salient issues that affect the lives of the participants. The Photovoice group gathers weekly with two trained group facilitators for a check in over a later breakfast and then ventures to an agreed local location to collect sound bites and take photos that capture and express the participants lived experience. The young people are supported through the process to learn new ways of coping and new distress tolerance skills as well as connecting with peers in a safe environment. Photovoice blurs the boundaries of art and life and is a unique participatory and collaborative community art project as well as a personal inquiry. Where appropriate participants may have the opportunity to participate in a tailored exhibition of their work. 

Young Women's GroupYou are invited to join a group and to participate in a very special course for young women and those who identify as female. Gathering each week for 12 weeks, participants find themselves making meaningful, life-changing connections with both mentors and peers. With the guidance of a counsellor in the presence of a small, safe group of young (teenage) women, we will learn about and explore some of the difficult and unique issues adolescent women are likely to go through. A safe place to explore and connect with others. Topics are centred on psychoeducational tools, coping strategies, self-reflection and connecting with others. We will embark on a major craft project and explore new ways of expression through art and creativity. SASS aims to educate and empower young women who may have an experience of sexual assault or who are interested in exploring what a healthy relationship might look like. The course will end with an excursion and/or pamper day (to be negotiated by group members). The groups run on demand in Lismore and Casino areas.


Family contact rooms
CASPA provides contact rooms for supervised family contact for children who do not live with their biological family. The rooms are equipped with family-friendly fixtures and fittings and provide for a harmonious environment.

Education Program
CASPA provides education support to all school-aged Young People from our onsite Learning Centre in Lismore. CASPA employes four education support staff, including three trained teachers to provide education programs in times of transition to school, suspension, expulsion or school refusal. The CASPA Learning Centre is open Monday to Friday, offering flexible appointment times and tailored educational support.

Supervised Contact Services
Our Family Connection Facilitators are trained to support the most positive family connections. They have a variety of skills to engage with families and build positive relationships. The facilitators aim to create positive and meaningful experiences that will support young people to explore their identity in a safe and structured way. The facilitators also provide a detailed report on the visit, which can be used in court and other legal proceedings.

Transport services
CASPA provide a range of transport services under the NPSS agreement. Our Therapeutic Care Workers and NPSS Support workers all have extensive training and experience. CASPA offers a wide range of vehicles for all types of groups or occasions with appropriate car seats for all ages.

Clinical services
CASPA Clinical Services specialise in supporting traumatised and/or vulnerable young people, their families or any stakeholders in a young person’s life. The team run a number of specific therapeutic groups, individual sessions, family therapies and trainingThe Clinical team can undertake family preservation work utilising home builders and other models of intervention. They also have extensive experience and expertise in the development and implementation of therapeutic support plans and individual crisis management plans, also known as BMPs. CASPA runs therapeutic groups such as Rhythm2Recovery, SASS, Photovoice and Outdoor Education Groups (please see above in Therapeutic Groups). 


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