Contact Supervision

Supervised contact

Supports families of children and young people to have supervised visitations. This is extremely important time for families as it maintains the family bonds. 

CASPA has significant experience and an excellent reputation in providing supervised contact services to general public and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services for children in Statutory Out-of-Home Care and their family.

Families are faced with the challenges of trying to arrange suitably supervised contacts to ensure relationships between parents and their children are maintained and which satisfy the orders made by the Family Court.

CASPA provide a solution which can be recommended to families and their representatives which satisfy their needs and meet requirements of court orders.

We provide the training and support for all staff facilitating Supervised Contact and we have a minimum expectation of Cert IV qualifications for all staff working in these programs.

Families will be able to arrange contact visits and be invoiced by CASPA for the services.  CASPA will provide the Family Court with high quality court ready reporting on each contact to assist the court in making further determinations.


Program objectives

  • To provide a much needed service to participants in family court proceedings where supervised contact has been ordered
  • Qualified and recognised service providers available to families
  • To provide supervised contact services throughout the Northern Rivers
  • The provision of family supervised contact aligns with the vision and mission of CASPA in respect to nurturing families, their children and young people
  • CASPA is currently successfully providing Supervised Contact services for children and young people in Statutory Out-of-home care environments, with a good reputation for quality service and reporting


  • Our strategy for this Supervised Contact service incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, highly responsive approach to managing deliverables and quality reporting.
  • Staff supervising contacts, uphold the privacy of the families as much as possible whilst maintaining a professional approach and respectful interactions whilst keeping a close eye and ear on the interactions between parents and children.
  • Staff are trained to not only make factual statements about the occurrences of the contact event but also to provide factual statements on the feelings of the child and observations of the social interaction. Staff are trained to understand the specific orders for the contact arrangements, to uphold those conditions and to respectfully cease the contact event if orders are not being adhered to by any party.


Project Deliverables



Easy access for families

Families will be able to contact a central office to arrange contacts, make amendments, and pay invoices.  One phone number, one email address and one website will provide all details to families as to how to arrange contact, what services we provide and set costs.

Reference for Family Court and legal representatives

CASPA will provide the Family Law Registry and legal firms with a known, predictable and reliable service to supervised court-ordered family contact.

Flexible contact options

CASPA is able to provide supervised contact, in our fully fitted contact centres, family homes or in public spaces.

Court Ready Reporting

CASPA staff are highly trained in how to effectively supervise contact and in providing reports with a focus on the well-being of the child, ready for presentation to courts.

Quality Service with Professional Boundaries

Keeping a caring and alert presence without becoming emotionally involved

Keeping confidentiality of clients and cases while having discrimination of “duty of care’ situations

Having a non-judgmental attitude as an essential element for supervision


The Opportunity

  • Trained and supervised staff available to deliver supervised contact with minimum Certificate IV qualifications
  • A central (Lismore based) office to accept referrals and arrange supervised contact visits across the Northern Rivers
  • Fully fitted out contact centres as well as in home and public space contact arrangements can be facilitated.


The Solution

  • CASPA will provide a dedicated office to receive requests for supervised contact services throughout the Northern Rivers
  • There will be one phone number, website, email address published for families or their representatives to contact to arrange supervised contact visits
  • CASPA will invoice the service users directly, at a pre-determined and agreed cost
  • CASPA will provide suitably qualified staff for all coastal families and those in Lismore region
  • Quality reporting on each contact event will be provided to the Family Court registry within 48 hours of the supervised contact occurring. 



CASPA is continually proven to be an industry leader for high supervised contact service in the following ways:

  • Accreditation by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian
  • Excellent feedback regarding service delivery to Family and Community Services
  • High level of reporting on each contact provided to the Lismore Family Law Registry within 48 hours of the contact occurring.


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